L+K Industrial Supply System Solutions


Performance and competence since 1972

Design and Construction of Supply Systems for Cooling Water, Oil and Fuel (Biodiesel to HFO) are our core competencies.


We offer Heating Systems from 1-600 KW, Tank Systems from 1 – 120 000 Liters, as well as Cooling Power from 1-30MW. We heat, separate, filter and cool Water, Oil from Biofuel to Heavy Fuel Oil. Our Packages are used for a wide range of applications such as Stationary, Power Plants, Marine, Construction, Mining, On- and Offshore within EN and AP.


We understand your processes through our engineering experience in the area of Mechanics and Electronics. Either, custom designed solutions or standard packages are designed and built according to international standard and classifications.


If we can avoid material paring, we will. We use metal and no plastic. Our Sensors measure the temperature right in the medium and are not placed outside of the heater chamber.


L+K products are built with the necessary diligence and constructed solid. L+K Products deliver performance and durability.


L+K Engineering – from Commissioning to After-Sales, we are always your trusted partner.


We look forward to your challenge!