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Radiators and cooling fan systems

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L+K Radiator Cooling Systems are used exclusively for critical and hazardous applications. Explosive environments according to ATEX or CSA are not a problem for us. We use special coatings and materials for systems exposed to sea air, high ambient temperatures or chemical contaminants. In addition, we offer packages with all the necessary pumps for an exceptional cost-benefit ratio.


Radiator Cooling Units

These systems force the heat through a network of ventilated cooling pipes before releasing it to the atmosphere. Ambient temperature and altitude are critical factors and need to be considered for the layout of the cooling system. Additional supply of coolant is not necessary. We use special materials for Marine or Petrochemical applications that withstand harsh conditions. For dusty or cement filled air, special lamella configurations are used in the cooling network.


Ambient temperatures below zero are managed by adding anti-freeze to the cooling water. However, cold intake air should be avoided if the oil is directly cooled in the radiator. In case the radiator has to be used in very cold conditions, it may be necessary to use additional heating.


Radiator Cooling Units are equipped with fans that are usually powered by electric motors. Operating the fan motors at 100% load can waste power. The loss of power can be greatly reduced by adapting the cooling system to the cooling air temperature. Less air flow is needed to cool the system during cold temperatures. It can be challenging, when there are temperature fluctuations like day- and night operation that require adjustments of the air flow.


For such conditions L + K radiator cooling systems are equipped with frequency controllers. Depending on the ambient temperature, the fan speed is adjusted and the electric motors can operate more efficiently.


Additionally, the frequency controller allows the system to operate much more quietly. Noise levels of 95-98 dB (A) in 1 meter distance result in a noise pressure level of 65 dB (A) 100 meters away. We can manufacture “super silent” cooling systems based on our experience and technical know-how of the necessary components.