The main functions of lube oil can be categorized into four main areas:

  • Lubricating: Oil lubricates and protect parts by forming a film between them and reducing wear
  • Cleaning: Contaminants are transported away from the points of friction and retained in oil filters
  • Cooling: Oil dissipates heat and cools it in heat exchangers.
  • Sealing: Thick oil is also used to form a seal between the cylinder walls and piston rings

The lubricating system is an important core component of Diesel Engines and Mechanical Drives. Therefore, the oil system has to be reliable: L + K Systems Engineering has extensive experience in planning, designing and manufacturing of lubricating oil systems and delivers proven solutions.


We design and manufacture for a wide range of applications:

  • Heavy industrial equipment
  • On- and offshore technology
  • Marine Applications
  • Power Generation
  • Construction equipment
  • ATEX and CSA
  • Combinations systems for large diesel engines

We design and manufacture systems and components for the following industries:

Iron and steel industry, mining industry, cement industry, chemicals and petrochemicals, automotive – industrial, marine & naval, energy technology, wind power, mechanical engineering (gearboxes, hydraulics, compressors, slow to high speed diesel engines).