Separator- and Filter systems

Mitsubishi separator module

Emulsion system with belt filters for high pressure applications

Combined separator- and temperature control system

Mobile Separator

We offer custom designed solutions for Separator and Filter Systems. The different mediums to be processed are usually lubricating oil, fuel, suspension and emulsion.


The centrifugal separation process entails two different separation processes as well as the fine filtration and sedimentation accelerator, were particle sizes of 4μ can be extracted.
Decisive factors are whether the heavy phase, or light liquid phase is predominant:

  • During clarification, a solid state is separated from a liquid state, it operates as clarifier
  • During purification, a heavy liquid state is separated from a lighter liquid. Keyword: Fuel treatment. It operates as a purifier.


Applications for the Internal Combustion engine and the Lubricating Oil Circuit

The utilization of  separators allows the continuous operation of the lubricating oil system through the entire life cycle of the machine. With LK Separator Systems, the lubricating oil is always in good condition. The LK system, therefore, contributes to the extension of the engine oil change.


When separating heavy fuel oil in Marine Applications, it is best to connect a purifier (for water removal) and clarifier (for the solid-state separation) in series.


Filtration technology is used for solid-state separation for lubricating oil, fuel and coolant/lubricant combinations. Our filter systems are designed for production and to extend the service life of the machines.


Based on our experience and know-how, we offer support and consultation and a trouble free installation of the filtration systems. Filtering solutions are engineered based on individual requirements for each application.


In order to provide you the right filtration solutions, we offer a broad range of industrial filters such as In-Line Filters, Automatic Filters, Belt Filters and more. These filters can be used in various areas such as Petroleum, Oil & Gas, marine, Power-Generation, Mining and Petrochemical Applications.